Poetry Review: R.M. Drake’s (Black Butterfly)”Changing Tides” 

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Changing Tides By R.M. Drake 

There is nothing

More dangerous

To any form of government

Than an entire


who knows how to dream

And believe

In themselves enough

To change

And reinvent

it all.

I was reading this poem this morning, and it just made me want to read it twice. This poem captures the current struggles our society deals with everyday. Especially now, our people are asking for change, equality, and freedom. The three rights that we should always be granted. When we ask our leader for a better life, we deserve at least an effort put towards that route. This generation is just looking for a sign of hope to hold on to. Sometimes we just need that voice that will help us figure out what we truly want.

R.M. Drake is one of my favorite poets of the moment. The way he just spits it all out so beautifully. Those simple words just impact you in so many different ways. I started reading his poetry books recently, and I’m taking my time with them. They are really well written, and I always find a poem I could reflect on.

“Black Butterfly” is the name of the collection of poems. It is a personal work for R.M. Drake. It’s an evolution of writing. Readers are exposed to the cycle of life how we are born to die. One day death will occur. These poems capture these deeper moments as well as poems reflecting not only loss in death but loss in life.

Then you will also find those poems that just want to send out a message. With “Changing Tides”, I found a completely different meaning. I found the beauty in the new, how being in a generation of great inventors and innovators not only in just technology but also in writing gives us strength to continue our journey. We are never alone in the struggles of this life. This is only the beginning, and if we continue to strive for this new way of life; things can only get better from here.


What did you think about this poem?

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