Five Budget Friendly Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

With my wedding anniversary being today, I was inspired to make a post about budget friendly wedding anniversary gift ideas. After being together with someone for so many years, you start to run out of gift ideas. Sometimes it’s not even a gift that counts. Sometimes just a little getaway or a sentimental gesture will do the trick, but how do you keep it budget friendly but still sentimental and romantic? In this post, I will give you some tips on how to plan a nice little anniversary gift without breaking the bank, but still have some sentimental value.

1. Couples Massages: Couple massages are the best way to have an intimate date while getting a relaxing massage at the same time. The work week can be so stressful for the both of you that you won’t be staying up long enough to even finish your dinner. Plan a couple’s spa getaway. Groupon has awesome deals to choose from. Find a deal that fits your budget.

2. Scrapbooking/Cards/Photos: Make a momento. Blow up your favorite photo from your honeymoon, your last vacation, or maybe just a candid photo of the two of you during your best moment together. You can also print out a couple pictures that sum up your last year together and make a little scrapbook. Even just getting an amazing card or get creative and make your own card, that is unique to your own relationship with your significant other will show that right gesture. When you tie sentimental value to a certain gift or gesture the gift or action is received in a profound and meaningful way.

3. Time Capsules: Grab a couple of your most treasured items and make your own time capsule. Put away anything you would like to see 10, 20, 30 years from now. This is a fun little activity that can bring you closer together while also reminiscing about the past years together.

4. Movie Night and Dinner: Maybe the both of you are homebodies, and would prefer a night in over anything. Rent your favorite movie or find one on Netflix, and make sure to order from your favorite take out spot. There’s also no shame in cooking your own dinner at home. Cooking together is also a great way to bond. Nothing is more comforting than just knowing that after the movie ends you could go lay back in your bed and cuddle the night away. Rent your favorite movies and have a movie day ; make dinner at home and cuddle . Life is hectic so you don’t always have time to do these things on a regular basis. The simplest things are usually the ones more appreciated because they come so rarely.

5. Picnics: Have a picnic in a symbolic area where you used to spend time in before you got married. Sometimes it’s nice to re-live certain dates and moments. Take some sandwiches to your favorite park or beach and watch the sunset as you sip on some wine. Being out in nature is so relaxing and peaceful to do for a change, especially if you live in a huge city like me.

As for me, the husband won’t tell me what are the plans for tonight. I’m such a spoiler, so it’s already killing me that I don’t have a clue. Stay tuned for more.

Hope this list helped you plan a perfect night.

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