Goodbye Summer


August is the reminder of the beginning of the end of the season many for wait, Summer. Summer is the promise of vacation and a little bit of freedom. For many people, it is the only chance to be free of what the burden of a strong winter wind can offer.

So here is my sweet good bye to you sweet summer, for there are only a few weekends left to enjoy your eternal summer burn. See you next year and hopefully next time you take it a little slower. This summer was full of so much adventure for me. I spent time with everyone I said I would see. My family and I went on vacation, and we spent plenty of time together. There were plenty of beach days, and plenty of sand. Every single one of us came back with a tan. Its fun to look at your tan lines. Its almost like a map of all the places you have been.

The ending of Summer is also the reminder that the end of the year is coming near. Its crazy how time can just fly right by us. One moment we are counting down the seconds until the ball drops, and then its as if we are doing it again moments after. The repetition of life. Its how people stop appreciating moments. They happen so often they start to become so insignificant. Why did life have to turn out to be this way?

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