Dealing with Writer’s Block: How I Stay Inspired and Keep my Creativity Game on Point.

The struggle of having writer’s block. One day you can’t stop writing and the next you can’t find even put a sentence together. It’s stressful how this can handle when all writers know that it’s important to always write. It’s that one hobby that needs to stay a habit. Writing needs to be like brushing your teeth, the first thing you do in the morning and one of the last things you do at night.

I’ve dealt with a lot of writer’s blocks that has sadly delayed my writing process. It makes you feel like maybe this is not the right path for you? If I was meant to be a writer wouldn’t I be banging out books left and right ? Haha ! It does not always work that way. Which is why I created a list of things I do to stay inspired and keep my creativity and mind constantly working.

  1. Look at inspiring photos on Pinterest, We Heart it, or Instagram.
  2. Read about an author’s life or look up their inspirational quotes.
  3. Read my old work
  4. Just write aimlessly without making sense
  5. Read poetry or read a new book in a genre of reading.
  6. Go to an art museum or gallery.
  7. Leave the house. Go somewhere you’ve never been before you never know what you will find just outside your day.
  8. I personally love to sit in a nice park or maybe a beach. Nature can inspire so different. It finds a way of connecting with your life in such a different way.
  9. Meet new people and talk to new people. Observe the people around you. Part of being a good writer is learning to be empathic. Be inside the person you speak to. Find out what makes them act the way they do.How can you create such unique characters without being exposed to the many personalities you aren’t normally exposed to. Maybe that angry bitch on the train can be the inspiration to create the villain of your next novel.

These are just a short list out of the many things I do to stay inspired. Sometimes we just have to open our eyes and look. A little bit of inspiration lies in the most rarest of forms.

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