Lovers and Best Friends

Finding someone that is both your love and best friend is the best recipe to having a successful relationship or marriage. If you ever find that, make sure to treasure it and value every moment. It is something so special and so rare to find; that once you do find it, letting to becomes the hardest challenge. You aren’t just letting go of someone you want to spend your life with, but you are letting go of someone that is also your best friend.

Nothing beats being married to your best friend. I get to laugh until we can’t breathe anymore, and then make love. We could enjoy the same music together and watch the same shows. We share the same inside jokes and know what the other is thinking without saying a word. There is nothing better than loving someone with all your heart, fighting with them like a sibling, laughing with them like your best friend, and then being able to fall asleep in their arms at nights. Waking up in the morning and still being in the person’s arms is the greatest form of happiness because in that moment you realize it was not only a dream.

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