Intimacy is not just sex

Being in a relationship for a very long time teaches you many things about intimacy. At the beginning of any relationship, there is always that rush to know everything about that person. There is also a rush to see what lies underneath all that clothes. Many hours of the first few months is spent under the sheets, but that’s mostly because, as a couple, you are still building on important aspects of the relationship. This could stem from knowing each other’s hobbies, likes and dislikes. What makes them laugh. What makes them tick.

After these important parts of the relationship begin to develop, intimacy reaches a new level. Now intimacy means brand new things. Intimacy is laying in bed, cuddled up, watching a movie. Intimacy is falling asleep in each other’s arms and feeling safe. A simple good morning or good night kiss makes all the difference. Intimacy is coming together when doing every day things. Walking hand in hand just to run some errands. Never hesitating to hold that person close no matter what time it is, that is not only intimacy but loving someone without any fears.

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