Finding a structure in which to write any format of writing is very important especially when it is a task that mighty be completed numerous times. When writing a large body of writing, short story or novel, one might need to find a reliable structure that would allow them through them to create a good outline. I believe that the reason I have not begun to write short stories or work on a future novel is because I have not learned or found a writing structure that has a allowed me to put down all my ideas. Once i learn a structure, I feel the stories I will write will be endless. Im hoping the class text will help me find the structures I need to learn in order to create a good enough story. When writing poems or even just free writing for the sake of writing is so effortless to me because you are just writing all your emotions. Writing a story, novel, or play gets a little more difficult because your ideas become the overall theme of the writing, and your characters bring that theme to life. Does anyone else feel this way ? This is something I have come to realize while taking this creative writing class. I hope to strengten my weaknesses and master skills I already have.

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