New Beginnings

Today I took a huge step towards finally graduating! I took my CLEP Spanish Exam that basically exempt me from taking three classes, I got the scores instantly. I am so happy about that !! I now only have two more classes and I am done with my Bachelors!! It has been such a long road for me, and at this point it is not even about the money or opportunities I could have with this degree, it is about the fact that I did it. I have been doubted by so many people that it is going to feel so good to prove them wrong. It sucks there is so many negativity in people’s minds but these are the people who fuel you to do better.

Graduating means finally just being able to focus on just writing. It is so hard to balance the coursework and writing of my major and then also have time to devote to my writing. As of late, since I only have two classes to take, I feel like I have so much free time. I love that I could leave all my problems behind me and sit down and write. I have been getting lots of great feedback from my creative writing class, so it is making me so happy and as if I am going down the right path.

I just hope that the future holds me more writing, and more living to inspire more writing!


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