Out Growing People/Friends

It’s a sad reality that sometimes you out grow people. It does not necessarily mean that you will stop being friends with that person or speaking to that person, but that person is no longer that go to person. You find yourself not being able to relate to them or their life because you are in two different stages. This is not such a bad thing. It may hurt in the beginning but sometimes you have to know when to let go and give the person their space. If the friendship is meant to continues, you guys will meet again in the future and things will start out fresh again.

I had a really great friend through out high school and we went through this same exact thing. When we stopped being friends, it just so happened that we were approaching two different stages in our lives. Sadly, we did not know how to approach the situation, so we just stopped talking completely. This was not the proper way of dealing with things, but it did help us. Now years later, we know what we did wrong and what we could do to fix the problem.

I feel this type of space is important when you find that their is no way of resolving the current issue. Friendships are complicated and people do not put enough effort into them as they do romantic relationships. Friendships do need to be nurtured. Sadly it is hard to relate to your friends completely all the time. That is okay. You just need to know when to just stop and think about what is more important. You also need to realize that people change and you can’t expect them to like the same things they liked a year ago. Adapting to another is essential. It’s important to not let friendships feel like a burden. Patch things up before things become harder to talk about.

In the end, you realize the more open and honest you are with the person the better. I believe that my friend and I were so scared to hurt each other’s feelings that we just ended up hurting ourselves instead.

You live and you learn.

One comment

  1. thank you for writing about tis important concept. too many people hold on to the point of pain or struggle.
    wonderfully writtena nd a joy to read.
    love xx

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