One More Night

“Sometimes you only have one night to do everything you ever dreamed about. Here we stand together one last night. We have the whole night to do everything we ever dreamed of. Everything seems so perfect. Just me and you and the dance floor. The look in your eyes is telling me that you feeling me just as much as I’m feeling you. How lucky we are; to find love and be loved. To not be afraid to walk hand in hand and let the world know that what we have is new and unstoppable. I pray this night never hands. Just me and you, the dance floor, and this great music. Feeling the vibration of the beats drives me insane. It makes me want to spend one more night with you. That’s what we kept saying that night. “Just one more night”, but now the seasons are changing and we can’t seem to let go. How scary it is to know that love could find you in the most random places. “

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