A Poem For My Daughter: Maya Jade

A poem for my baby girl

My angel, my world
My reason for existing
You came so unexpectedly
You’ve made me complete

You’re smile, your giggle
Even your cry
Makes me smile
I pick you up and give you kisses

It all comes so naturally
Your every trouble
I’m here to fix
And with pride ; I do it everyday

As I write, it brings me to tears
My love for you is so powerful
There is no word to describe
The miles I would cross
To make sure you fall asleep with a smile

I love you baby girl
Have no fear
One day you’ll wake up
In a palace full of gold
Thousands of dolls to call your own

Your mom and dad
Hand in hand
All smiles ; no worries
Just pure bliss and pride
For you are our greatest gift

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