Book Review: “This is Between Us” by Kevin Sampsell


You started to think I  was falling out of love with you. You said I didn’t share things with you anymore. I asked you what you meant and you said I hadn’t read out loud to you in months. And you said I didn’t take your picture anymore. I didn’t put lemon in your tap water anymore.

“This is Between Us” by Kevin Sampsell tells the story of two nameless lovers who end up falling in love after both being divorced. This story is narrated by the man. He tells the story of their relationship throughout the past five years. They undergo many struggles that many newly divorced couples go through such as how to raise kids that are not from the same marriage/relationship, insecurities, doubts, fears,separations, and infidelity.

The novel depicts the struggle of learning how to live with and love someone new. It depicts how two people with different personalities and inner struggles could find the strength to continue to love and understand each other despite the struggles that lie ahead.

This novel also has wonderful moments that many couples go through such as romance, adventures, sex, love, and laughter. Readers could relate to the narrator, and his relationship with his partner. There were many times when reading this novel that I reflected on my own relationship, so I would definitely recommend to people in relationships.

“This is Between Us” is a quick read and you will find yourself turning page after page. It will leave you wanting more and wanting to know the fate of this couple. The love between this couple is so unique and pure. Sometimes relationships are not as easy as you may want them to be regardless of the love involved. Sampsell shows readers through this novel what it takes to keep a romance alive: strength, passion, understanding, less pride, a forgiving heart, and patience.

Book Rating : 5 Stars

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